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Best new music monthly

As a professional Radio Programmer, mobile DJ, or a DJ playing at a nightclub or other public performance venue, you know that a never-ending supply of new music is essential to the success of your business. Audiences want to hear the latest and the greatest hits, what they're hearing on their favorite radio station.

The best professional DJs in your area use new music subscription services - and many use ERG Music's Digital DJ download Programs or CD Subscription Series. They save time and money over any other method of getting new music, while receiving songs specifically selected or recommended for their hit potential. ERG Music does the research, selects the tracks, provides DJ charts and other music selection tools and delivers top-quality music to our subscribers every month. Plus, the recordings are the best available quality, including 320-bit mp3 digital DJ downloads. It's 100% legal to use as well, thanks to our friends at the participating record labels.

Hits before they are hits (and long after they're hits)

Get all the hit music you need, before you need it, through the music subscription service used by the best radio programmers. ERG Music's Subscription Services are available only for radio and professional DJ applications. All the major record labels participate in the ERG Music Program because they recognize the benefits of having their new music available for airplay, both on radio and at events nation-wide.

ERG Music takes the best new releases, chosen by a team of radio programmers representing every music style, and makes them available for mp3 download or on compilation CDs every month. Our programmers are in constant contact with senior record company promotion executives. Together these individuals make the hits you play. ERG Music also offers Digital DJ downloads from a huge, DJ-Oriented mp3 library, as well as Top DJ Music Videos tracks.

Total flexibility Subscribe Now

ERG Music programs provide the ability for you to mix-and-match subscriptions and download plans to get exactly the programming you need for your audiences. Choose from digital DJ download plans that include a DJ Pool option, where subscribers have access to all new music releases for a low monthly fee. Individual or bundled download credits get just the tracks you want from either our new release or classic hit libraries.

If you prefer to use CDs, check out Nu Music Traxx for the most well rounded compilation, perfect for weddings and corporate events,. But if you also do school dances, you should consider adding Nu Dance Traxx and Nu Urban Traxx CDs monthly.

You'll enjoy the sheer convenience of being able to download the songs you need when you need them, even at the gig, or by having your Nu Traxx compilation delivered right to your door every month. You’ll save time and effort, while getting just the right music mix to please every audience. Subscribe online or talk to an ERG Music customer service representative at 1-800-465-0779 Ext. 238. They'll help you select the right digital DJ download plan or CD series for your needs and arrange for you to get hooked up with the best DJ music subscription. Check out the latest releases or subscribe now.